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cane corso
Jimmy Stanchio and Michele Palazzo
2008 Nationals Seminar

Jimmy Stanchio with SACC President Arnaldo Palladini

cane corso
Mariano Di Chicco, Jimmy Stanchio,
Dr Ernesto Di Maio, Dianna Stanchio

About Capri Cane Corso

Capri Cane Corso is run by Jimmy and Dianna Stanchio with some help from our sons, daughter and oldest granddaughter, Madison, who is our soon to be future Jr handler. We have owned various automotive related businesses over the years and became involved in breeding and showing the Cane Corso as a hobby well before AKC and UKC recognition. In the rare breed days we witnessed a tremendous amount of diversity in type and temperament. Some dogs that were very good and correct and some that were very bad and incorrect. Although the rare breed days were a lot of fun as were the rare breed show circuits the future of this breed was destined for AKC and UKC recognition. With a strong desire to help protect, preserve and better our breed into this future we helped to form what would become a premier National breed club the Society in America for Cane Corso Italiano or SACCI. Jimmy Stanchio would serve as the organizations first president and with help from the other directors who were as equally dedicated successfully presented the breed to the UKC and received full UKC recognition in 2008.

The breed standard SACCI provided to UKC is the exact same as used in Italy to help prevent any manipulation or deviation here from that of a correct Cane Corso. In addition the SACCI began what is now a tradition of inviting Italy's top breed expert Italian kennel club and breeder judges to participate here in annual National specialties and Radunos. The 2010 SACCI National Specialty setting a record for the most entries ever at an event here in the US. These events helped to quickly dismiss rumors that were common not very long ago of the modern Italian dogs being inferior in type due to misperceived faults with the Italian breed standard and what type was preferred in Italy.

In 2010 the Cane Corso would move into the AKC working group. To help the Cane Corso transition into the AKC Jimmy Stanchio would share his experience and knowledge by applying for and receiving provisional status as an AKC breeder Judge for the Cane Corso.

Conformation showing has been our passion and we have produced many Champions over the years. It is not uncommon on a kennel visit to see 2, 3 and even four generations of Capri bred Champions living here at the same time. However, for us, correct conformation is only one part of the equation. We hold correct type, health, working ability and temperament as equal requirements and we will not compromise on any in our breeding selection. We participate in the SACCI Certified Breeder Program which has stringent requirements and is the only Cane Corso breeder specific program of its type.

All of our dogs have very large fenced runs spread over three acres and do not live in kennels. We strive to ensure that all the effort we place into our breeding stock continues on in the environment provided for our litters. All of our pups are whelped in our home and receive the very best possible care along with all of the necessary socialization required to provide our future puppy owners with the healthiest and correct examples of the breed possible. In addition all our pups receive a microchip and a three year written health guarantee.

Over the years we have been very fortunate to have made many friends with the top Cane Corso breeders and expert Judges here and in Italy who have helped us by not only sharing correct dogs from their lines with us but have also helped us to expand our knowledge and experience by sharing with us theirs. In turn we are happy to share our knowledge and lines with those who would like to own a correct example of this magnificent breed the Cane Corso Italiano.

Matteo La Torre, Jimmy Stanchio,
Vincenzo Parmiciano,
Massimo Frascari, Tony Scandy
2011 Nationals

Jimmy and Dianna Stanchio with Professor Fernando Casolino

Jimmy Stanchio, Nicola Imbimbo,
Ed Hodas, Mike Ertaskiran, Shane Carter
2010 Raduno


Jimmy & Dianna Stanchio
Grand Bay, Alabama
Cane Corso Breeder Alabama